3-4 Persons Mother’s Day Catering Set Menu


Per person from $184 | Choose your own salads and vegetarian dishes, appetizer platters, main courses, cold dishes, and desserts

4 signature dishes

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express gratitude to mothers, usually with gifts or treating them to a delicious meal to show love and appreciation. Consider our Mother’s Day catering set, which features a highly recommended dish: egg white, dried scallop, and sakura shrimp fried rice. Made with egg whites, dried scallops, and sakura shrimp, the dish is rich in protein and cholesterol-free. The dried scallops offer a sweet and tender taste, containing protein and calcium, while the sakura shrimp is a small, flavorful seafood ingredient. This dish will surely impress your family and satisfy their taste buds!

The slow-cooked braised oxtail in teriyaki sauce is made with oxtail as the main ingredient, cooked slowly with a mixture of teriyaki sauce and various spices. The oxtail is tender and rich in collagen and fat. Slow cooking makes the meat even more tender and delicious, releasing rich nutrients and flavors during the process. The oxtail has a delicate texture and a moist, tender meat with a subtle hint of spices, making it very tasty. Additionally, oxtail is rich in collagen and fat, which can nourish the skin and improve its elasticity. This dish is perfect for honoring your mother while offering health benefits!

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