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6-8 Person CEO Camping Themed Snack Set Menu


| (Free Shipping) | Starting from $139 per person | Choose your own bread, salad or tartlet, snack, and pasta

1 Camping Main Course

1 Delicious Specialty Salad or Tartlet

1 Main Course Pasta

2 Snacks

At a gathering with many people, this 6-8 person CEO Camping Themed Snack Set offers a variety of delicious options for you to enjoy during your camping night. The set includes 8 Classic British Hot Dogs, featuring delicious sausages with a crispy exterior; 15 French Aioli Shrimp Tartlets, with a rich texture and paired with a specially crafted French aioli sauce; 2.5 pounds of Italian Signature Lasagna, boasting distinct layers and irresistible taste; 20 Honey Mustard Seed Salad Chicken Wings, with tender and juicy wings enhanced by the honey mustard seed sauce; and 8 Vegetarian French Aioli Spicy Grilled Corns, offering a refreshing and unique taste. This Day Night Camping Snack Set allows you and your friends to share a variety of delicious dishes during your camping night, experiencing a rich array of flavors and textures.

Choose 1 of 4: Signature Burgers
Choose 1 of 7: Delicious Appetizer
Choose 2 of 7: Tasty Share Platters (Option 1)
Choose 2 of 7: Tasty Share Platters (Option 2)
Choose 1 of 3: Must-Choose Main Course