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6-8 Person CEO Classic Set Menu


| Starting from $154 per person | Choose your own salad and vegetable, snack platter, pasta and main course, cold dish, and dessert

1 Salad and Vegetable Platter

1 Tasty Specialty Platter

2 Main Course

1 Snack

1 Cold Dish and Dessert

The Caesar salad features fresh vegetables paired with a special sauce, as well as secret recipe pan-fried bread crumbs and bacon bits, allowing your taste buds to experience rich layers and nutrients. The Bolognese pasta uses fresh noodles and meat sauce, combined with specially crafted seasonings, allowing you to taste authentic Italian flavors.

Choose 1 of 4: Salad and Vegetable Platter
Choose 1 of 4: Tasty Specialty Platter
Choose 1 of 4: Tasty Share Platters
2 Must-Choose Main Course
1 × Extra Creamy Carbonara Linguine (2.5 pounds)
2 Must-Choose Main Course
1 × Cheese and Meat Sauce Baked Penne Pasta (2.5 pounds)
Choose 1 of 3: Cold Dish and Dessert