6-8 Persons Discount Voucher Special Meal


| (Free shipping) | Per person from $149 | Choose your own pastry puffs, appetizers, main course rice/pasta, and main dishes

1 flavorful signature platter

1 pastry puff

2 appetizers

2 main course rice/pasta


The Discount Voucher Special for 6-8 people offers a variety of delicious dishes, including slow-cooked roasted spring chicken with baked potato wedges (1 piece), Wasabi pearl scallop and corn crispy puffs (15 pieces), rich Carbonara pasta (2.5 lbs), cheese and meat sauce baked pasta (2.5 lbs), honey mustard seed salad chicken wings (20 pieces), and bite-sized crispy shrimp toast with tartar sauce (20 pieces). This set is designed to deliver tasty and satisfying flavors to your taste buds while offering great value for your money.

Choose 1 of 3: Tasty Specialty Platters
Choose 1 of 3: Cold Dish and Dessert
Choose 2 of 8: Tasty Share Platter (Option 1)
Choose 2 of 8: Tasty Share Platter (Option 2)
Choose 2 of 7: Main Course (Option 1)
Choose 2 of 7: Main Course (Option 2)
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