6-8 Person Office Tea Party Set Menu


| (Free Shipping) | Starting from $154 per person | Choose your own bread, pasta, snack, dessert or tartlet

1 salad or bread option

2 appetizer choices

1 pastry selection

1 cold dish and dessert choice

This set includes delicious two-color Italian melon ham and cheese baguette sandwiches (8 pieces), paired with pan-fried seafood and avocado salsa cups (15 cups), which are rich in taste and full of nutrition. In addition, there are French ham and honeydew melon skewers (15 pieces) and homemade Mexican tacos with avocado salsa (2.5 pounds), so that you can taste the flavors of international cuisines even during your busy work. Finally, we have carefully prepared winter fruit cups (15 cups) for you, so that you can feel the fresh taste of fruits while tasting delicious food. Come and taste our office tea party set meal for 6-8 people, so that your taste buds can feel the rich layers and nutrition after work!

Choose 1 of 3: Signature Burgers
Choose 3 of 15: Tasty Share Platters (Option 1)
Choose 3 of 15: Tasty Share Platters (Option 2)
Choose 3 of 15: Tasty Share Platters (Option 3)
Choose 1 of 4: Must-Choose Main Course
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