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6-8 Person Popular Vegetarian Set Menu


| Starting from $139 per person | Choose your own salad and vegetable, snack, pasta, cold dish, and dessert

1 Salad and Vegetable Platter

2 Snacks

1 Main Course Pasta

1 Cold Dish and Dessert

Our meatless healthy 6-8 person set offers a variety of signature vegetarian dishes, including truffle white sauce cheese baked mashed potatoes, French-style spicy grilled corn with aioli, and sautéed mixed mushrooms with bell peppers in garlic basil sauce pasta, all of which will bring delicious and satisfying sensations to your taste buds.

Choose 1 of 3: Salad and Vegetable Platter
Choose 2 of 6: Tasty Share Platters (Option 1)
Choose 2 of 6: Tasty Share Platters (Option 2)
Choose 1 of 3: Must-Choose Main Course
Choose 1 of 3: Cold Dish and Dessert