8-10 Person CEO Classic Set Menu


| (Free Shipping) | Starting from $161 per person | Choose your own salad and vegetable, snack platter, pasta and main course, cold dish, and dessert

1 Salad and Vegetable Platter

1 Tasty Specialty Platter

2 Main Course Platters

1 Snack

1 Cold Dish and Dessert

Our signature cheesecake is a delicate and smooth dessert, with a rich cheese flavor that lets your taste buds experience a sweet taste. The German sausage sharing platter offers a variety of flavorful German sausages with diverse textures, allowing you to taste different flavors and mouthfeels.

Choose 1 of 3: Salad and Vegetable Platter
Choose 1 of 5: Tasty Specialty Platter
Choose 1 of 4: Tasty Share Platters
Choose 2 of 4: Main Course (Option 1)
Choose 2 of 4: Main Course (Option 2)
Choose 1 of 4: Cold Dish and Dessert
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